book report

Hey its Tricia. My uncle said I had do a book report of Twilight New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I read it b4 and its one of the best books of all times. Srsly if u never read it u really need to. But not until u see the 1st Twilight which is amazing too. If u went right to the 2nd one it prob wouldn’t make sense. New Moons about a girl named Bella and shes rlly into Edward Cullen whose a vampire. Robert Pattinson plays Edward, and hes rlly, RLLY pale and SOOOOOOO frickin hot. TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAYY! And theres Jacob, whose always morphing into a wherewolf and jumping all over theplace. ALOT of ppl think hes cuter than Edward but i don’t cuz hes just too muscley or something, idk, and hes just kind of a butterface and I want Bella to end up with Edward. Eclipse is coming out soon, cant wait! k, im gonna go meet up with my new friend’s know. 1 of them said I remind him of Bella!!! Hes cute and kinda looks like Edward but with longer hair. And he has a Camaro!!!! Idk if hes single but theirs only 1 way to find out :P k, ttyl


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