Trying To Make a Funnel Cake With Batter Blaster and Mister Steamy

Ahoy there! As media watchdog senior citizens (and younger readers, if there happen to be any reading today), I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial advertising Batter Blaster. It’s the one with the jingle that sounds like a real old-fashioned jingle, except I don’t believe it is because I don’t think we had Batter Blaster back when pancakes were popular the first time. It’s the one where the lady singers sing, “Make a better breakfast faster, Batter Blaster”, and then a male speaker adds, “It’s right next to the eggs”. When I was at the store the other day, I picked up a can of Batter Blaster, and he’s right. It was right next to the eggs. It’s a good thing they said that, because if not, I might have went looking for it by the cake mixes. If that cheese in a can does not have to be kept refrigerated, I don’t see why they can’t make a Batter Blaster that doesn’t. For reference, here is Batter Blaster:
Yesterday, I decided to surprise my grandniece Tricia with a snack when she got back from “hanging out” with the new friends she has made. What a girl, already making friends after just a few days here. She spent nearly the entire day with them, so I had to mark yesterday as an excused absence from our summer school program.

The advertisement says that you can use Batter Blaster to make pancakes or waffles, but I thought a funnel cake would be a more fun batter-based food to make for a growing teenager.

In case you didn’t see the TV advertisement about it, Mister Steamy is a new invention that looks like a land mine. Here is the advertisement:
You fill him with water and throw him in the dryer with your clothing to eliminate wrinkles. My Mister Steamy worked wonders with my laundry, so I thought I’d see how he would do in the kitchen. I filled him up with Batter Blaster and set him loose in the deep fat fryer. Unfortunately, while he might make wrinkle-free laundry, Mister Steamy does not make a good funnel cake. I thought that the batter would flow nicely out of his ventiports to form a delicious funnel cake, but he just stayed on the surface and sort of exploded out the hole where the water goes. Now he’s all plugged up with crust inside, and he made a real mess of my deep fat fryer. I might have to write the Batter Blaster people a letter to inform them that their product is not to be used with Mister Steamy. They really ought to put a warning on the can.

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. I am so glad that you are up on all the latest chemically injected food. Must be great for your experiments. Love your blog.


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