Hey Im Tricia. My uncles making me write this, so Im gonna make it fast cuz I gtg out and meet some ppl I met near the bus station b4 my uncle picked me up there yesterday. Anythings better than being at home this summer with my rents cuz im homeschooled, it sux, but that’s why Im here livin with my uncle lol. All u need to kno about me is that Im just an ordinary girl who deserves to b treated like a *~princess~*. What girl doesn’t?!! back in Kansas I always hang out at the mall with my besties, U KNO WHO U R, even when I have to sneak out of the house to do it. We usally spend most of our time at Hot Topic checkin out the differint piercing’s and emo stuff but we also like clare’s and piercing Pagota and the movies. Im not really an emo girl but I would say I have a dark side when u get to kno me ;) Right now im single cuz I found out my bf of 2 yrs was cheating on me with 1 of the other girl’s in the drama club whose def not as hot as me. I was like wtf, how could u do that? And he was all like I’ve always thought of u more as a friend. I mean he was cute but he def wasn’t my prince so f him. He’ll come crolling back and I’m gonna be like STFU, get away from me!!!!

Idk if any1 actually reads this site but my uncle said it gets lots of hits so I wanna know more about u all. everyone post there a/s/l in the comments and if I think u sound cute ill send u some pix of me.


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  1. Hi:
    You are fascinating! I am an oldster, probably in the neighborhood of your uncle. I have two sons, one is 27 and one is 25. I read once that the younger generation talks faster than people my age, and now I can see that you write faster too – shorthand writing. My mother, who is 86 now, learned shorthand when she was in high school. You’re writing reminds me of that. You should read the book 1984 by George Orwell this summer. He wrote about the shortening (minimalizing) of english, but for political propaganda reasons. Fascinating book. Fiction that seems to be prophesizing our times.


  2. Posted by smokingjacketman on June 2, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    1984, it all makes sense now.


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