Preparing for My Grandniece’s Arrival Today

Why, hello again, and a happy Memorial Day to my American readers. Well now, we’ve gotten back from the shore and I have some last-minute preparations to do before my grandniece Tricia’s arrival, so I won’t talk long. First, I have to make sure that the guest bedroom is in order, and I also have to go to the store and pick up foods that teenagers like. You know, foodstuffs like Pop-Tarts, Entenmann’s, Hershey’s Syrup, powdered ice tea, and ice cream. I want Tricia to feel completely at home during her stay; after all, I have not seen her in person in over four years.

I also have to stop by the book store and make some selections for the summer curriculum I will be teaching her, a job I take extremely seriously. I remember her saying that she enjoyed the Twilight book that all the young people like, so maybe I’ll assign Twilight II as a special surprise if they have it in stock. I have already planned a field trip to my grandson Max’s apartment because it’s in the city, a highly educational place. I’m not sure that Tricia has ever been to a big city before. I’d imagine her parents at least took her to Kansas City at some point, but I don’t recall her telling me about it. There are two Kansas Cities, Kansas and Missouri. To tell you the truth, I’d hate to work in the post office at either one. They probably get all kinds of mail sent to the wrong city, just because people are too stupid to check which city they really mean before they send out their mail. What they should do is rename the both of them to something else entirely, since you know if they just changed one, people would complain.

Until next time!


The Codger


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