Last Day at the Shore

A fine day to you. I, The Codger, am back today reporting live from my hotel “down the shore” (or up the shore, depending on from where you are joining us today) with all the exciting details of my vacation trip. Today’s the last day, you know. I have to get home because my grandniece Tricia is coming to live with us for the summer tomorrow. We’re just about to head down to the front desk to check out, but I still have some time to tell you about my adventures yesterday.

As I explained the other day, my old bathing suit’s lining had dry-rotted and Sears Roebuck only sells what they call “board shorts” that don’t have a lining, so I was in need of a new bathing suit. Since we’re at the beach, I decided to go to the boardwalk, where there are many “resort stores” that are like miniature versions of a full-line department store. They have the same sorts of things a department store would carry, but they have more of the things you would need at the beach, such as bathing suits, Hawaiian shirts, t-shirts (for the younger set), and the like.

As we were crossing the lobby of the hotel to go to the boardwalk, I saw that same woman I saw the other day that looked like Misty Croslin, the second-most famous jailbird on Nancy Grace’s television program, behind Tot Mom. I got a closer look this time, and I must say that she really did not resemble her as much as I had originally thought. Perhaps I was a bit distracted by our hotel’s amenities, which were numerous…complimentary soap, shampoo, conditioner, bathing cap, towels, hand towels, toilet tissue, and stationery pad and pen. The ice machine on my hall was also a marvel, as it produced enough ice to fill up our ice bucket several times over. I’m not saying that new technology is always the solution, but this is one time when it certainly was.

Until next time!


The Codger


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