First Live Report From The Shore

A long distance “hello” to you today. I am reporting live from my hotel at the Jersey shore. I thought it would be a good idea to take a few days off from retirement to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach. The common-law Mrs. Codger is also here. I won’t say which hotel we are staying at (because this blog will never serve special interests), but it has the word “Inn” in its name. That should narrow it down for you. Anyhow, we stopped at a diner on the way down, and we ordered breakfast. I reminded the missus of that law they passed in New Jersey a few years ago where you couldn’t get “runny” eggs in restaurants because of the risk of food poisoning. That was ridiculous. People have been eating runny eggs since at least before I was born, and I don’t remember anybody ever getting sick because of it. If they still used the old railroad car diners, they could’ve just picked up and moved to another state to get around the law. That’s one law I’m glad they overturned.

When we were checking in, I noticed a woman across the lobby who looked exactly like Misty Croslin, the girl that’s always on Nancy Grace as a suspect in her stepdaughter Haleigh’s disappearance. There’s no way Nancy would devote so much time and energy on Misty if she wasn’t guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in Nancy’s professional opinion—the opinion of a former Special Persecutor in the State of Georgia. After that, when we were up in the room, I could not get that woman out of my mind. I told the missus that I think I just saw Misty Croslin in the lobby and was thinking of contacting the authorities.

Fortunately, she reminded me that Misty is presently locked up safely in jail for drug dealing charges, so there is no chance that it was her I had seen. Feeling relieved that my odds of being abducted were diminished, I decided to go back downstairs to see if the front desk would give me a free toothbrush. They did. They understand how to get in good with The Codger. If everything goes according to plan, by tomorrow I should have many more exciting vacation stories to tell you about live from the shore.

Until next time!


The Codger


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