Modern Vacation Packing Tips

Welcome back to my “lifestyle column”, dear readers. As I informed you yesterday, I am getting ready to spend a few days “down the shore”, as they say, so I wanted to get most of my packing done yesterday so I’ll be ready to leave tomorrow and won’t have to worry about packing then. We’ll be driving down, but I wanted to be in full compliance with the TSA’s requirements for carry-on liquids, so I made sure to get the trial-sized shampoo and toothpaste out from underneath the sink. That’s where I keep them, under the sink. And then I put them in a transparent plastic zip lock bag. The TSA wouldn’t make those regulations if they weren’t good for all travelers, not just airline passengers.

As for the clothing, I read on the Internet that the best way to pack clothing is to roll it. It saves room in your grip and it keeps it from getting wrinkled, so you don’t have to bring along your iron. I packed my entire grip that way, but then the common-law Mrs. Codger came along and said that she’s always folded her clothes flat, and that’s how she was going to pack her grip. I told her that that was an outdated way of thinking. Have to get with the times! Rolling is the best way to do it. But she would have none of it. She’d better hope our hotel has an iron, because her clothing is going to get wrinkled and she didn’t have room to pack an iron. I’m not going to argue with her. The secret to a good marriage is to let the missus have her way.

Anyhow, the lining in my bathing suit was all dry-rotted, so I went to Sears Roebuck to pick up a new one. Would you believe that they didn’t have any regular bathing suits? All they have are these “board shorts” that look like a bathing suit but don’t have a lining. What’s the point of that? Why not just wear a regular pair of shorts? And they were too long for shorts. I’ll just wait until I get to the shore and buy a bathing suit at a resort store there.

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. Posted by Janet on May 27, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Hi: Loved your comments on my blog – I like your newsy articles. You might have less confidence in the TSA if you had gone through what I did in trying to get hired there. During my one year unemployment stint, I applied for a TSA job at our local airport. I filled out the online background check form (which took 8 hours), took the initial computer test, the medical check, the interview, hearing test and had my fingerprints taken. I passed everything and was told I was in the “Ready Pool” for hiring. Within a few months I started getting letters telling me now I could go get my medical exam, sign up for the interview, etc. Each time I called and asked them if they lost my paperwork, and each time they said, “Oh, don’t worry about it, it is just a glich, you are fine.” The final straw was when they started telling me my application was now a year old and I needed to fill out the background check again. I decided they either were stupid, incompetent, or wouldn’t hire a 59 year old person, so I gave up.


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