My Grandniece Is Coming To Spend The Summer Semester

Good morning, good citizens of the Web! I’m quite excited to pass along the exciting news I heard this morning: My grandniece Tricia is coming to live with me and the missus for the summer! Tricia and I have always been very close even though she lives way out there in Kansas. We chat online on A. O. L. Instant Messenger at least once a week. You see, Tricia was too advanced for her high school, and she was always bored in class. And you know what happens to teenagers when they get bored: They act out. It doesn’t take a psychologist to know that much. Well, her parents did the only thing they could do: They took her out of that high school and designed a custom home school curriculum just for her. Naturally, she excelled.

Well, Tricia messaged me from an “Online Café” in Illinois this morning to say that she had been all geared up to take an intensive summer school program, but her mother just couldn’t handle the pressure of teaching her such advanced material. It’s always a bit awkward when the pupil outshines the teacher! Tricia, being the wonderful young girl that she is, obviously did not want to make her own mother feel so inferior, so she decided to give her mother some breathing room and is heading out east on a Greyhound–that mother of hers has always been the emotionally fragile type, the type that doesn’t understand how to handle such a brilliant teenager…a teenager with a sense of adventure to boot!

Tricia then asked if she could spend her summer semester “abroad” with The Codger. How could I say no? What I lack in teaching experience I more than make up for in life experience. My grandson Max spent a semester abroad in Amsterdam when he was in art school and it was a wonderful experience for him. He ended up meeting some people there who still buy his hand-blown glass products today over the Internet! If Tricia’s experience is half as successful as Max’s, I expect she will have a very educational summer. I’m thinking of having her write some entries on this blog as part of her assignments, so when she does, be sure to give her a warm welcome. She said she was going to meet with some friends in Ohio (friends she met through the Internet no less!) for a few days, but she’ll be here by next Monday. I cannot wait! It will do this Codger good to have some youthful energy living in this house again.

I just made vacation reservations to stay a few days at a hotel down the shore later this week, so look for some “long-distance” blog articles here; that is, if the hotel has the Internet like it advertises on its blog…well I’m sure it does, since the hotel has a blog in the first place! I highly doubt there are any “Online Cafes” at the shore.

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. It sounds like everyone is in for a treat this summer. Have you planned any road trips?


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