My Son Must Like To See Me Suffer With Dry Eye

Hello to you, dear readers. I apologize for not writing to you yesterday. The Internet was down in the morning, and by the time it was back up, my son and his wife were on their way over for dinner. If there’s one category of people that is becoming more and more important to society these days, it’s doctors. They’ve gone to medical school and they deserve our respect. Not all of them, mind you, but most of them. I think I’m old enough by now to tell the difference. My son Brian seems to disagree with me.

Like I said, Brian and his wife Tammy (my grandchildren Max and Fiona’s parents) came over for dinner yesterday and to drop off some old copies of Reader’s Digest, which I always read. They also brought along dinner: A bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy in a separate container, cole slaw, and biscuits. Of course, they didn’t tell me they were bringing the dinner, and this was at 4:30, so I already had leftover meatloaf heating up in the oven, which I had to put back in the refrigerator. Now when I go to heat it up today, it’ll get bone-dry, but I don’t want it to go to waste. Nothing bothers me more than perfectly good food going to waste.

Anyhow, as we were eating the Kentucky Chicken, we were watching TV, and the Restasis commercial starring Dr. Tendler came on. You can tell she’s one of the good doctors and not some quack. I found it on the YouTube video search engine:
I mentioned to Brian and Tammy that I might be suffering from dry eye. Brian started arguing with me. He said, “Dad, you don’t have dry eye. You didn’t even know what dry eye was until you saw this commercial”. And then I said, “Dr. Tendler knows what she’s talking about. This is a serious condition!”

Tammy buried herself in eating her mashed potatoes and gravy, and Brian shouted something like, “Dad, she’s getting paid to plug Restasis! Look, it even says she’s a compensated endorser! Do you even know what that means?” And I told him in no uncertain terms, “Yes, Brian, I know what a compensated endorser is. I’m not incompetent. But there’s the good kind of compensated endorser and there’s the bad kind, and she’s the good kind, just like Dr. C. Everett Koop. Dr. Tendler can’t be bought! That settles it. I’m getting Restasis, even if I have to special order it from Canada.”

And then Brian said, “That settles it. We’re leaving. Tammy, get your coat.”

I think it’s obvious why I have a closer relationship with my grandchildren than with my son and his wife. At least my grandchildren don’t question my every move and trust me to make my own decisions. Of course, family bonds are stronger than arguments, and Brian and Tammy have to take me to get my blood work done in a couple weeks since I won’t be able to drive afterwards and the common-law Mrs. Codger doesn’t like to drive in that part of town—too much traffic. I think that will be a good time to mention to my doctors that I’ve been suffering from dry eye.

Until next time!


The Codger


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