An Exciting Discovery in my Victory Garden

Greetings, dear readers. Have you planted your victory gardens this year yet? Well, I have, and it is looking top-notch. I had sewn some seedlings indoors a few weeks ago, and now that the risk of frost has passed, they have made the transition to the great outdoors. The tomato plants are starting to come along nicely. I saw my neighbors directly across the street hanging up those fancy new upside-down tomato planters the other day, but I prefer the old fashioned way: In the ground, planted upright. If it’s good enough for the goose, it’s good enough for The Codger.

I also planted two kinds of summer squash, yellow and green (A. K. A. “zucchini squash”), plus some green bell peppers, lettuce, and Bermuda onions. Remembering the all-important lesson that Sacagawea taught our ancestors, I fertilized the soil with a can of tuna fish before planting. I suppose that makes me a veritable Lewis and Clark in the garden, and that makes the garden the Missouri River. Sounds about right.

While digging the holes for the Bermudas, I unearthed what I believed to be a fossilized dino egg, but I wasn’t 100 percent positive. I took it to the local library and looked through some books. Couldn’t find anything that looked like it, so I went over to the county college. The professor on duty directed me to the geology department office, where they identified it as densely packed humus, a type of soil. The most nutrient rich kind of soil, might I add. Once word gets out that I have humus deposits in my garden, I’m going to have to be on the lookout for poachers. Have you ever tried the kind of oatmeal called “Dino Egg Oatmeal”? When you pour hot water on the dino eggs, they hatch, making breakfast more fun.

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. […] digging in my victory garden yesterday, I unearthed a pleasant surprise. While I am accustomed to coming across abundant humus deposits in my soil, I was taken aback when I discovered some natural clay. That victory garden is certainly turning […]


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