How Can I Feed the Senses?

Good morning, dear readers. Before I forget, I would like to talk about a most spectacular commercial that has been airing on television:

Yes, Friskies singers, what if one little pop could open a world of wonder? An excellent question. The jingle then goes into great detail about the benefits of Friskies: So sensory, so satisfying, Friskies: Feed the senses. I’m not sure any of that can be backed up with any kind of evidence, but irregardless, it reminds me of the way commercials used to engage in fanciful overstatement of their products’ claims. I miss those days. Too much government interference nowadays telling advertisers that they can’t claim their product does things it can’t. Takes the fun right out of it.

I want a commercial to tell me how I can take a ride on a fish-shaped boat and see a field chock-full of dancing turkeys. Why oh why did they waste this fantastic jingle on cat food, a product for cats? It’s not like The Codger’s going to eat that, no matter how much I want to feed the senses (Except for the time that the first Mrs. Codger mistakenly put dry cat food in the Chex mix she made for our New Year’s Eve party. Come to think of it, I believe that it was Friskies she used, but those were highly unusual circumstances. I probably would not have eaten it had I known its true identity).

All of this talk of feeding the senses got me wondering: What are some other ways to feed the senses? I don’t see why all this fun should be reserved for cats. Would a frozen beef pot pie get the job done? Those tend to resemble canned cat food and are available at a similar price. Or perhaps some type of soul food might be better, such as fried chicken or baked macaroni and cheese? That sounds nourishing for mind, body, and spirit. Or is the secret some type of seafood, since that’s what they use in cat food? Please leave your own thoughts and experiences in the comment box. And I don’t want to see any druggie hippie nonsense. This is a family-friendly Web site. In the meantime, if I cannot feed all the senses, I’ll at least be able to “feed my head” with the dulcet sounds of the Jefferson Airplane:

Until next time!


The Codger


4 responses to this post.

  1. Oh yeah…I just love over-the-top sensory overload, 80’s style. The cat in the commercial however seemed to ignore it making a beeline for the foodstuffs…


  2. Thanks for your comment about my photography for the senses, and I loved reading this one! I get the impression you’re in the UK (?) but I haven’t seen that advertisement before now, and it’s wonderful. I have just one point to make – despite your stated opposition to druggie hippie nonsense – the Jefferson Airplane song definitely refers to taking some kind of mushroom, and I don’t think it means the little cup mushrooms you can get at the supermarket…


  3. cat foods should be high protein and should be soft to with lots of dieatary fiber,-;


  4. cat foods should always be high in protein and also in dietary fibers so that they are always healthy ;;.


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