XX The Morning After XX w/ M-Fixie

Yo, M-Fixie comin’ at ya from the mystery loft, holdin’ it down while my grandpa’s out training for his race. He told me I could write about whatever I want as long as it brings in the hits, so I’m gonna tell a story. A very personal story. The story of a special stage of my life, written in a style steeped in gin, wonder lust and adventure (it takes place before I got into fixies). I’ve been heavy into On The Road lately, so you’ll probably notice a little of the Kerouac influence…

My third year of art school told me that I had to be go, go, going, away from the mad pace of school and of books and of AutoCAD. My bro Fizzle sat on his dormroom bed, watching the twinkling embers on the end of an incense stick across our room, and I knew he could sense it too. We had to be going. We were modern day beatkids in an art school that could not understand. At that moment, we both knew we had to tune in and drop out. We would never have to face that stoic dean again, with his pressed suits in his office filled with antique furniture…he would surely disapprove.

Fizzle is the type of crazy cat that knows how to live, who can open his eyes and agree with my plans to go zip-zapping across the country’s zig-zag highways reaching out to unfamiliar places. He was the perfect partner in crime. He owned a car. We were off!

As we flung into the night, into parts unknown, I was struck by the beauty of it all, the open skies, the neon signs, the feeling of not having to take that exam the next day. We stopped off at a roadside diner, and once inside, we gravitated toward its dimly lit cocktail lounge. A beautiful waitress brought me a gin and tonic. Fizzle was driving, so I made sure he ordered a soda. We struck up a conversation with the waitress. Her name was Andrianna, and her life’s journey had brought her to that diner from the next town over. But she wasn’t like the rest of the small town people in these parts, and we all knew it. She had a desire to break free, to find herself. We were spellbound. I excused myself from the table and made my way to the restroom. As I passed Andrianna, I caught her eye. She followed me and we did it in the restroom. After that, I realized that the demands of art school and the next day’s exam didn’t seem so bad. I was tired but fulfilled: I decided it was time to return to school where we belonged, and I’m sure Fizzle felt the same way too. Peace out.

XX m-fixie XX


2 responses to this post.

  1. Love your style, apparently the gin worked well. Tequila always brought out the writer in me, and sometimes other things. Smile.


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