Critiquing Members of my Blog Roll

Top of the morning to you! I wanted to give you advance notice that I’ll be spending all day tomorrow training for my big “half-marathon” with the Mall Walkers Club (MWC) on Monday. While I’m out, I’ll be handing the keys over to my grandson Max, and you will undoubtedly enjoy his professional-caliber writing. Now the last time Max took over for the day (when I was at the casino), he updated my “blog roll” with lots of Internet links. In my highly-limited spare time, I’ve been visiting them all, and I must say he did a fine job of picking out Web sites that will expand my horizons. He also sent me an E-mail telling me how to make a hyperlink without showing all that programming nonsense, so from now on, my hyperlinks will be looking smooth and streamlined! Thanks, Max. Today, I’m going to offer my reviews of two of the Web pages he added to my “blog roll”, with more reviews forthcoming at a future date. What the pages I am reviewing today have in common is that they are both news sources.

I’ve been spending lots of time on the Web page Hipster Runoff. It instantly appealed to me because of its focus on senior citizens, such as this post about a celebrity grandmother. I also appreciate the way that it focuses on exposing the way that hippies are ruining society, such as this useful diagram depicting the differences between a clean-cut hipster and various strains of lazy hippies. As far as I’m concerned, the public needs to be continually reminded about the dangers of hippies, lest people start to devolve into that sort of lifestyle. This is precisely one of the myriad reasons I’m writing this “lifestyle blog” right now. Hipster Runoff contains two main sections: Hipster Runoff (original) and the Alt Report, which is more of a dot-com bubble. The appearance of the Web page overall can best be described as glitzy, with lots of flashing advertisements and banner advertisements to let you know that it’s a very professional Web site ready to take on the broadsheets and win. If I could offer some advice from one blogger to another on on how to improve Hipster Runoff, it would be to buy a spell checker, since I noticed a few typographical errors. Microsoft Word, the word processor I use, comes with one, but I believe it costs extra for others. But spelling quibbles aside, the mission of promoting the hipster agenda over the hippie agenda comes through loud and clear! Mission accomplished.

Another site Max added to my “blog roll” is High Times, which is more like an e-magazine than a broadsheet. Its appearance is a bit more reserved than Hipster Runoff, but not unpleasantly so. It includes on a wide array of news subjects, such as the arts, celebrities, agriculture, and classifieds. This month’s issue is devoted to what’s known as a “hot button issue” these days: medical marijuana. I like when magazines have a theme like that…helps you stay focused. If I had a friend and the only thing standing between him and death was medical marijuana, I’d be the first in line to hook up his medical marijuana IV. High Times also published a piece about noted senior citizen musician Willie Nelson. Personally, I have not listened to much of his music, but this article piqued my interest, so when I get to the store, I’ll pick up one of his compact discs. If I had to offer some advice to High Times, it would be to be a touch more selective about your advertisers. I realize that a lot of marijuana advertisers were probably waiting in line to get into the medical marijuana issue, but you don’t want new readers to get the wrong idea.

That’s all I have to say for today. I hope you enjoy exploring those sites. And Max, don’t burn down the place while I’m gone!

Until next time!


The Codger


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  2. […] roll” that my grandson Max (known to some of you by his nickname, “M-Fixie”) added for me, just like I did the last time, when I reviewed Hipster Runoff and High Times. Oh, and before I forget, I’d like to thank the good Samaritan who sent an E-mail to inform me […]


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