Mailbox Beekeeping: My Delightful New Hobby

Ah, hello readership! As you all know, on this blog I tend to focus my writings on “online buzz”, but today I’m going to write a little about some actual buzz. Yesterday I went to check the mailbox to see if my Valpak coupons had arrived. I don’t like to let them set in the mailbox too long, because I’ve noticed a few of the neighbors casting jealous glances when they see the postman dropping them off, particularly those new neighbors a few houses down who converted their perfectly good carport into a covered patio area. I’m sure the architect who designed that house never intended the carport to be used for that purpose. And that house already had a perfectly good front porch for sitting. I simply don’t understand why they needed a fancy patio. They just moved in last week and I haven’t met them yet, so maybe the patio furniture in the carport is just a temporary arrangement. I’m going to put it on my agenda to drop by their place and introduce myself soon. I wouldn’t want them to think that they’ve moved to an unfriendly neighborhood. Far from it! I think you, my Internet neighbors, can attest to my neighborly disposition.

When I finally made it out to my mailbox, I discovered that not only had my Valpak coupons not arrived, but the bee colony I had noticed in my mailbox a few weeks ago had begun to grow! What good fortune, that a colony of bees spontaneously showed up in my mailbox and then began to thrive! Some people spend thousands of dollars on expensive beekeeping equipment, but I didn’t have to do all that to get some bees. No, those bees must have sensed that The Codger would provide them with all the comforts of home that they could ever ask. And these bees aren’t any weaklings either; no, they’re the big, robust kind, all the better for producing lots of honey. I hope they’re the same kind that produced 200 pounds of honey inside the walls and ceiling of this house in Texas: (be sure the watch the video and not just look at the photo). In my opinion, those homeowners did not appreciate what a goldmine they had on their hands. Just think…unlimited honey! Unlimited wax! I still cannot comprehend why they had them removed!

Unfortunately, my postman sees things a bit differently: He left a note saying he might have to discontinue delivery to my mailbox because of the bees. Well that postman can su¢k it, because the bees are staying. In fact, they’re now a crucial ingredient for the victory of this year’s victory garden I will soon be planting. But to appease the postman–don’t want to jeopardize getting my Valpaks–I fashioned a new mailbox out of some rebar, plywood, and cement mix, and I put it up right next to the bee-box. And if bees take over the new mailbox, I’ll build another one….just more cogs in the empire!

Until next time!


The Codger


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