Exemplary Codgers: Lou Pearlman

Hello out there in technology land! Somehow, through all the twists and turns of the Internet, you managed to find my little “lifestyle column”. I am glad you made it. Moving on to the next order of business, today I thought I’d begin a new series of blog posts about other famous codgers, “Exemplary Codgers” if you will. After all, we cannot depend on most major media outlets (other than this one) to focus on the achievements of senior citizens.

Today’s Exemplary Codger is Lou Pearlman**, pictured below. I became familiar with Lou’s work after purchasing a copy of his autobiography, Bands, Brands, &, Billions: My Top Ten Rules for Success in Any Business, on a lark. At the time, I was expecting to travel to Branson with the common-law Mrs. Codger, and I knew I would need some info-tainment (buzzword) for the flight. The trip ended up falling through, but I did read the book several years later. What a gem. In case you’re too cheap to buy your own copy, his official Web site has essentially the same info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lou_pearlman

A photo of Lou at Burgernoodle.com

As an entrepreneur, Lou rose (literally) to prominence with the success of his company, Airship Enterprises Ltd., which was in the dirigible business. But he is best remembered today for playing the kooky father figure to a bunch of young musical scamps living in his mansion on the hit TV show “Making The Band”. Life works in strange ways, and eventually, those scamps decided to form a band together. As a tribute to Lou, they named him their manager. Lou, in return, named them “O’town”. But did you know that Lou Pearlman produced and subsequently managed a whole cadre of other bands, including C-Note, Take 5, LFO (Lyte Funky Ones), Aaron Carter, Smilez & Southstar,*NSYNC, US5, Jordan Knight, and the Backstreet Boys, all in an attempt to relive his glory days, back when O’town were the new kids on the block? An “Exemplary Codger” has the right to do that. No one can live a lavish lifestyle, wear Hawaiian shirts, and own a mansion like Lou Pearlman, although his famous cousin, Art Garfunkel, might fit the bill. So there you have it. Lou Pearlman: Exemplary Codger. What are your thoughts about Lou Pearlman? Which of his achievements is truly the greatest?

Until next time!


The Codger

**Editor’s note: In 2008 Lou Pearlman was found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy for running a Ponzi Scheme. He is currently incarcerated, serving a 25 year sentence. Many of his former bands sued him, and there were also claims of sexual misconduct (My source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lou_pearlman). It was a difficult editorial decision, but I ultimately decided, in the spirit of the “Exemplary Codgers” theme, not to focus on the more controversial aspects of Mr. Pearlman’s life.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I remember Lou from our time in Orlando. He owned a pizza shop up the street from my office — N.Y.P.D Pizza. I think he took a lot of the kids who came to him wanting to be pop stars and put them to work making pizza. It was OK pizza, but it was a strange theme for a restaurant — all this police paraphernalia next to these signed posters of Lou’s boy bands.


  2. Hello again, Mr. Pack. That sounds like an interesting little pizza joint. I can’t remember if he mentioned it in his book or not. I’ll have to stop by there the next time I’m down in Florida, provided they sell by the slice. I don’t want to get stuck with a whole pizza pie because half of it’s going to go to waste.

    The Codger


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