Another Day, Another Sweeps Week

A good Monday to you all as we start a new week together, growing as people, growing as friends. Your enterprising Codger is never one to rest on the laurels of his accolades; instead, he’s continually striving for ways to enrich your reading of this column. I’ve literally spent hours “trolling” the Internet in search of the latest and greatest techniques Web site administrators use to goose ratings. When it comes to the ‘net, it’s always Sweeps Week. Don’t think that your viewing behavior isn’t being monitored. (Please send me an E-mail if you know how one would, hypothetically, go about finding out exactly who’s been viewing your blog).

In my own experience, one of the most effective ways for a blog to grab my attention is by using buzzwords in its articles. For example, I notice that the term NSFW is used to introduce a lot of articles I find interesting, insightful, and highly informative. By my own calculations, this word is an acronym for “North, South, Fast, and West.” By representing all four directions of the compass (but modifying the commonplace “E” into a more intriguing “F”), this buzzword instantly grabs your attention, since it’s aimed at cutting-edge readers in all directions who demand their news fast. Of course, it’s the worthwhile content that follows which maintains a loyal readership over the long haul.

Speaking of Sweeps Week, I got to wondering whatever happened to a promising television pilot from last season: Grey’s Crab Anatomy. Following the adventures of a spunky blonde hermit crab navigating the world of a successful hospital, how this one wasn’t picked up for a whole season is beyond me! What an injustice! Maybe it got bumped in favor of that other Jersey Shore nonsense. I say, if a gig as Miss Crustacean isn’t enough to get a series into production these days, then I simply don’t know what is. Instead, we’re left to soldier on with only Grey’s (original) Anatomy. But soldier on we must, fighting the good fight, day and night, for what is right. To improve upon the words of songbird Carole King, “When you’re down and troubled […] You’ve got a friend […] in the Codger.”

Until next time!


The Codger


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