Welcome Aboard

Why, hello there. Where to begin…Well, I consider myself to be a pretty computer savvy guy. I’ve probably been using my computer since before most of you were born. My all-time favorite programs include Quicken, Weather Bug, Mac, and A.I.M. (AOL Instant Messenger). I even designed the graphic for this column myself—I bet you couldn’t tell! Anyhow, I’ve decided to set sail and join the ranks of dot-com upstarts everywhere by launching my first “blog”. It’s what is known in the business as a lifestyle column. I, for one, think it’s delightful to see a Web page expanding beyond teenagers by reaching out to the growing audience of baby boomers and senior citizens. Exciting stuff, “write”? Happy to have you all on board! You can call me The Codger.

I know what you’re thinking: You’ve been let down in the past by media big-shots like Woodward and Bernstein. We all were. Dear readers, you have my deepest assurances that I intend to work together with you to make this column a success by discussing the issues that matter in our lives. Who knows, maybe we’ll become a modern day Algonquin Round Table, with me as your all-powerful leader. But for that to happen, be sure to post your own ideas in the comments section. I pledge to give them my fullest consideration.

What’s on today’s agenda, you’d like to know? As I sit here gazing out at my bird feeder flush with birds, drinking my morning coffee – by the way, did you know that supermarkets carry Dunkin’ Donuts ground coffee? Now I get mine at the Costco, but I would imagine that most any major supermarket carries it. For those of you who live in “downtown” areas, you might want to inquire with your local bodega grocer to see if he stocks it. I know my grandson shops at a place like that near his apartment in the city, and there is probably one like it in your neighborhood as well. Can’t say that I really see the advantage of shopping at a place like that, but to each his own, or, as they say in France, “say la vie”.

Oh dear. I had intended to chat a bit about that Toyota recall I’ve been hearing a lot of “online buzz” about, but I confess that I’m rather reluctant to exceed my self-imposed 300-word word count on my maiden column. Anyhow, can’t say that I’m very familiar with their vehicles myself. My neighbor’s daughter has one, and she parks it in front of my house when she comes to visit. Not a bad looking car, it’s tan and it’s a two-door…not really a sports coupé, but more of a two-door sedan. That’s what we used to call cars like that: two-door sedans. She got it in the divorce, and her husband got the van. She usually has the kids with her when she comes, unless she can get her sister to watch after them. The youngest one is a bit of a handful! Oh dear. I’ve certainly gone over my word limit, but I believe it has been well worth it. This writer’s voice of the people will not be silenced!  

Until next time!


The Codger


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